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Book review: Fun Home

Published on 29 September 2007

When I finally arrived home after a tiring trip to California, my wonderful boyfriend greeted me warmly and had a surprise (actually, five): a stack of beautifully wrapped books, one of which was Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic. It’s a beautifully told personal history of the author, her father, and the secrets her […]

Getting away from it all

Published on 11 September 2007

Before I left work last week, my colleagues urged me not to think about anything relating to the job. I did a pretty slick job of it, though it manifested in a dream last night.
I headed back to work post-vacation and struggled with amnesia at every turn: I woke up a couple of hours […]


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Our ferry somehow made its way through the opaque fog and pulled up alongside the World Trade Center just before noon. I’m simultaneously happy and disappointed to be home. In hindsight, I’d have tried to persuade the Villain that we really should stay at least a week if we were to have a real vacation. […]


Published on 7 September 2007

We’re off to Provincetown for a super-sized weekend, so I won’t be posting for a few days (little joke).