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Our ferry somehow made its way through the opaque fog and pulled up alongside the World Trade Center just before noon. I’m simultaneously happy and disappointed to be home. In hindsight, I’d have tried to persuade the Villain that we really should stay at least a week if we were to have a real vacation. That said, I’m replete with good memories of our too-brief getaway.

Best ones:

  • Accompanying my beau on his first whale watch and seeing so many beautiful, graceful creatures. His surprise and wonder made the experience that more amazing. I also was graced with a couple of pungent whale exhalations downwind of a mother and calf, which is good luck.
  • Riding bikes out, up, and around the Cape dunes. Realizing (better late than never) that the secret is shoving back fear and allowing crazy speed to build up on the downhills to help propel you up the slopes. Seeing cormorants dry their wings in the salt marsh. Taking in the ghostly pale green lichens and plump violet beach plums along the path. Watching and listening to the waves at Herring Cove.
  • Walking back from dinner in the fog and seeing the monument nearly swallowed up in mist.
  • Watching parts of Red Sox games curled up with my sweetie on the four-poster bed.
  • Eating amazing dinners at L’Uva, Mews, Napi’s, and Front Street — and warm blueberry muffins on the sun porch first thing each morning.
  • Walking down to the end of Macmillan Wharf for the tall ships parade that preceded the Regatta. The hometown pride and enthusiasm was contagious, and I found myself cheering on the captains and crew of several of the ships as they sluiced past us, waving (and in one instance, brandishing cutlasses in full pirate regalia).

I don’t know — there was so much more: funny conversations we eavesdropped upon, intensely strange and beautiful angles of light at unexpected moments, feeling surrounded by couples of all configurations at ease, in love, anticipating the next adventure. On the ferry back today, the roll of the waves and the k2 p2 rib pattern of my sweater sleeve and more than one Andrew Bird song melded into a deeply soothing sweetness that eased me back toward my real-life action adventure dream.

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  1. Heather says:

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    What an ideal idyll you’ve had, so restorative. Any trip that involves a ferry is my idea of true fun!

  2. Terri says:

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    That sounds wonderful. I’m so glad you had a beautiful time!

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