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All Hallows Eve eve

Published on 30 October 2007

In general, I suck at Halloween. The last time I attended a Halloween party, I only went because I had a massive crush on the girl who invited me. I dressed as Hester Prynne, all spare makeup with a buttoned-up white shirt under boxy black jumper that I’d basted a red felt “A” to. All […]

Good insulation makes good neighbors

Published on 29 October 2007

I think one or both of the grad student neighbors we had last year have moved out and been replaced by other grad students. Mostly I notice that they don’t play music as loudly as their predecessors, much to my delight. They do seem to be big gamers, though. I can hear pow-pow muffled explosions, […]

Unbridled pleasure

Published on

My beloved Red Sox defying pundits, mile-high altitude and air, the humidor, and conventional wisdom to sweep their way into the World Series. Granted, I’d have really loved to have three more games to savor before the long dark void until April. But I just adore Lowell and Papelbon and Ellsbury and Pedroia and Beckett […]

The pen is mightier &c.

Published on 25 October 2007

So irritated was I last week to learn of the latest MBTA boondoggle, T-Radio (an inescapable, execrable subway-platform broadcast of bad music and “lite news” being tested at a few stations), I exercised my right to “Write to the Top” and submitted a pissy comment on the T’s website.
Today I got the following email:
From: […]

One year ago

Published on 23 October 2007

I got a phone call at work, around 4:30 in the afternoon. My mom. I put her on hold so I could go to a conference room and talk in private. My dad was in the hospital in Ft. Wayne, in critical condition. My mom’s voice was strangely flat, exhausted-sounding. It was serious. I promised […]