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So irritated was I last week to learn of the latest MBTA boondoggle, T-Radio (an inescapable, execrable subway-platform broadcast of bad music and “lite news” being tested at a few stations), I exercised my right to “Write to the Top” and submitted a pissy comment on the T’s website.

Today I got the following email:

From: On Behalf Of MBTA radio
Subject: Re: MBTA T Radio Feedback Form

Dear MBTA Customer:

Thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts on T-Radio. As we stated at the launch of this pilot test, MBTA riders would determine the fate of T-Radio. We have heard from a number of riders on a wide range of issues including the content and style.

Consequently, as of Thursday, October 25th, T-Radio will be suspended. While it is suspended, personnel from the MBTA and Pyramid Radio (the operator of the pilot program) will review and discuss the hundreds of emails received. Following a sufficient period of consideration, MBTA staff will present a recommendation on how the comments and suggestions might be addressed and whether a resumption of the pilot program is advised.

As always, we will continue to try and make your commute better through various means, and always ask for your feedback.

Thank you again for taking the time to write and have your voice heard. Its [sic] appreciated.

Score one for buskers, tired commuters, and a few moments of blessed peace and quiet each day. At least for the time being.

to “The pen is mightier &c.”

  1. 2fs says:

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    For entirely other reasons, I no longer ride the local bus system…but around the time I stopped riding, the system introduced a thoroughly obnoxious setup on the buses involving a series of TV screens that played ads (with sound) along with providing silent info on bus routes, etc. This, of course, along with signs in the bus prohibiting the use of boomboxes. I would have been curious to figure why they thought their ads were any less disruptive, any less annoying, than someone’s boombox. I was all set to bring on a box preloaded with Metal Machine Music - although, given the state of many buses’ brakes, no one might have noticed.

  2. Ezra says:

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    I got the same thing, trixie. Check this out:

  3. Heather says:

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    God, how much space can they fill up with advertising and noise?? Good for you for registering your complaint!

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