The thing about Calla

It’s not just how perfectly their songs fit a uncertain, shadowy October night.

And I don’t think it’s completely about their sense of melody, though it does tend to favor the minor keys and gorgeous changes, wending in and around terrain that surprises and satisfies my very simple lizard brain.

Plus Aurelio Valle’s vocals, man. Like a smoky Manhattan with a bit more Angostura bitters than you prefer. Dark and vulnerable, plaintive and seductive, make-sure-your-doors-and-windows-are-locked-tight threatening.

Oh and yeah, the fabulous rhythm section, the desert-raspy backbeat, the rise and fall of the drums and percussion. The guitars that I can almost taste: economical, bright notes and dark drones; umami throughout. Slint is infusing the records, but never feel ripped off.

Scavengers, not so very long ago, used to be my go-to turn-out-all-the-lights-and-see-how-deep-the-hurt-goes record. Then, somehow, I managed to find what I needed. And Televise and Collisions still sounded amazing to me, without my needing to turn out the lights and curl up into a despondent ball.

Perhaps the closest comparison I can make is to Throwing Muses, whose music sounds as thrilling to me today as it did 21 years (Oh my God, how can that be that long?) ago. It sounds exactly how it should: new and perfect, upsettting and comforting me.

Then again, I’m a pushover when it comes to a minor chord or two.

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  1. Heather says:

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    Oh WOW what a great post, you should be a rock journalist:) Now I have to check them out…

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