Unbridled pleasure

My beloved Red Sox defying pundits, mile-high altitude and air, the humidor, and conventional wisdom to sweep their way into the World Series. Granted, I’d have really loved to have three more games to savor before the long dark void until April. But I just adore Lowell and Papelbon and Ellsbury and Pedroia and Beckett and Drew and Big Papi and Okajima and Manny and Varitek and Matsuzaka and Coco and Luuuuuugo and Terry and the whole dang ballclub and all the excitement and drama and heartbreak and hope they created all spring and summer and fall.

Then there was Game 3 of the Series at Ted and Teresa’s house . . . what were described in the invitation as “snacks” turned out to be spicy glazed chicken wings, mini baked brie with apricot preserves in adorable puff pastries (and backup baked brie once the fancy stuff ran out), smoky spiced almonds, baba ghanoush, a cortex-smoothing spread of caramelized shallots and blue cheese, and cinnamony pralined pecans brought back from New Orleans by Stephanie. Sort of late in the game, Mirta expressed her desire for brownies — so Stephanie and Teresa disappeared into the kitchen and emerged half an hour later with the most buttery, deeply chocolate, and immensely satisfying brownies I’ve ever had the fortune to taste.

I was a little rough around the edges yesterday, but happily hopped into Terri and Ezra’s car to buzz up to Portsmouth for the Demystifying Knitting workshop she and I had signed up for a couple of weeks ago. I had an early-in-the-class panic that I’d never be able to keep up and would feel stupid for two hours, but it was pretty logical once I had a couple of powerful equations under my belt. Now I want to go crazy on a sweater pattern and modify the heck out of it. I’m unstoppable.

Ultimately, the most delicious moments these past few days have been burrowing beneath down comforters and curling up with my beloved, His Catness twirled into a tight fur knot next to our feet, and the rain falling down or the moon shining through the blinds. That and the endless warmth of my friends have steadied me and reminded me about all the things I am thankful for.

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