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Complete protein

Published on 27 January 2008

The cold, snowy weather and my general laziness have kept me from accomplishing too much this weekend, but we’ve managed to eat well. I satisfied multiple cravings last night in one meal: roasted salmon with yogurt-dill sauce; quinoa salad with corn, tomatoes, feta, and mint; and oven-roasted Brussels sprouts. So freaking good, I didn’t even […]

Duran Duran

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Biked today? YesTime: 62:03Distance: 16 milesMusic: As follows:
1. Elliott Smith - “See You Later”
2. Patton Oswalt - “Great Food Is Cooked by Psychos”
3. sprites - “George Romero”
4. The Eames Era - “Benjamin”
5. The Moldy Peaches - “D.2.Boyfriend”
6. […]

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’

Published on 26 January 2008

Biked today? YesTime: 61:15Distance: 16 milesMusic: On shuffle, something I don’t do very often because I’m a control freak. Today’s mix was fairly mellow but had a couple of good uptempo songs to keep me going.

Elliot Smith - “Either/Or”
Patton Oswalt - “A Brief History of Standup”
Elliott Smith - “Whatever (Folk Song in C)”
Winterpills - “hide […]

Album cover

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Published on 22 January 2008

Back-dating this post to Tuesday — my sweetie’s medical issues this week kind off threw things off-kilter.
Biked today? YesTime: 51 minutesDistance: 13 milesMusic: Summervillain’s 2007 mix, part A.Notes: This was the first time I’ve ever attempted waking up early to exercise before work, and did it ever SUCK. I didn’t have too much trouble getting […]