Duran Duran

Biked today? Yes
Time: 62:03
Distance: 16 miles
Music: As follows:

1. Elliott Smith - “See You Later”
2. Patton Oswalt - “Great Food Is Cooked by Psychos”
3. sprites - “George Romero”
4. The Eames Era - “Benjamin”
5. The Moldy Peaches - “D.2.Boyfriend”
6. Maximo Park - “A Fortnight’s Time”
7. Victory At Sea - “Proper Time”
8. The Capstan Shafts - “Vegans and Meteors”
9. Elliott Smith - “Miss Misery (Early Version)”
10. Winterpills - “shameful”
11. The Wrens - “Hopeless”
12. The Eames Era - “Talk Talk”
13. 100 Watt Smile - “Furry”
14. Calla - “Le Gusta El Fuego”
15. Helium - “Ocean of Wine”
16. Spoon - “Don’t Make Me a Target”
17. Arcade Fire - “Crown of Love”
18. The Mekons - “Perfect Mirror”
19. Sugarplastic - “Autumn All the Time”
20. Hail Social - “Hands Are Tied” (1/2)

I don’t know why Elliott Smith’s New Moon has been so heavily represented these past couple of days.

A nice byproduct of listening on shuffle has been exposure to some bands Summervillain fed my iTunes but that I hadn’t actually listened to yet. (That happens a lot.) I want to hear more 100 Watt Smile, Eames Era, Winterpills, and Anagram for sure.

2 Responses to “Duran Duran”

  1. sweetney says:

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    you biked 16 MILES!??!! (faints)

  2. Editrix says:

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    Well, on a stationary bike, so it’s less demanding than real roads. Doesn’t hold a matchstick to my boy’s accomplishment doing AIDS Ride and stuff.

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