Back-dating this post to Tuesday — my sweetie’s medical issues this week kind off threw things off-kilter.
Biked today? Yes
Time: 51 minutes
Distance: 13 miles
Music: Summervillain’s 2007 mix, part A.
Notes: This was the first time I’ve ever attempted waking up early to exercise before work, and did it ever SUCK. I didn’t have too much trouble getting out of bed or waking up (I’d readied a mug of cold coffee to help with the jump-starting process), but the biking itself was awful and I thought several times that I was going to hurl. I like getting the exercise out of the way for the day, but I’m not sure I can adjust from an after-work-on-weekdays and late-morning-on-weekends routine.

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  1. Terri says:

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    I wish I could get myself to do that again. I used to go to the gym before work every other day and when I made it a routine it was fabulous. The gym was pretty packed at that hour, but I felt great.

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