Overheard, weekend edition

Walking along Elm Street, while police sirens approached, a mailman was unloading a dark green box: “Sounds like all hell is breaking loose.”

Pause, then as the Transit Police car passed us: “Hey, I PAID my taxes!”

* * *

At the ATM in the Porter Square Cambridge Bank branch vestibule, a woman answered her cell phone: “Hi, this is your sponsor. Are you tempted to have a drink? . . . OK, you should meet me. Preferably in a dark alley.”

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  1. lla says:

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    I thought of you last week….

    Scheck and I went to get a bagel, and ended up sitting at a tiny table that was inches away from the counter where the bagel toaster girls work. One said to the other:

    “I sure am glad I didn’t get that Darius tattoo after all…”
    (other girl said something I didn’t quite catch)

    “‘Cause I was gonna, too!”
    (this was said louder, and somewhat indignantly)

    “I was going get me a ‘Darius’ tattoo right here” (she grabs at her inner thigh. It is at this point that I start to hope that she’s not the one who handled our order…) “I can’t believe he be doing that shit to me and all…”

    At this point, I decide that we’re done, and start clearing our table and send Scheck to the trash cans. But you KNOW that if I’d been by myself? I’d sit at that table until I overheard every sordid detail of what Darius done….

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