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Somewhat kiboshed

Published on 22 February 2008

Hello from stormy D.C., where we have been visiting the Villain’s family and catching up with friends. Our plans today have been at least partially scotched by an unexpected ice storm that would make driving to rural, hilly Maryland treacherous at best, so I am right now somewhat decadently lying in a fancy hotel bed […]

Boethius was right

Published on 14 February 2008

Fortuna’s wheel refuses to sit still.
Regno: On the walk to the subway this morning, a man came up from behind me and said, “Those are some great boots!” before dashing ahead of me and crossing Somerville Ave.
Sine regno: My fabulous stylist, Lauren Jeffries, has left Judy Jetson, and I don’t know where she went. Serves […]

I am so smrt

Published on 11 February 2008

Designating tomorrow (today!) as my ACD* was a damn fine plan. I got to spend my first day back on the East coast snug inside reading, learning how to crochet, and I still have another day to unpack, putter, maybe put a book in the mail to Australia, and relax.
San Diego was just as gorgeous […]

Commercial are little funerals

Published on 3 February 2008

Biked today? YesTime: 64:05Distance: 16.5 milesNotes: First time in a week, thanks to working late and being a general slackity ass.Music: As follows:
1. Calla - “Malo”
2. The National - “Slow Show”
3. The Capstan Shafts - “Oil Over Greenland”
4. The Shins - “Red […]