I am so smrt

Designating tomorrow (today!) as my ACD* was a damn fine plan. I got to spend my first day back on the East coast snug inside reading, learning how to crochet, and I still have another day to unpack, putter, maybe put a book in the mail to Australia, and relax.

San Diego was just as gorgeous as the last time I visited in September. I got to stay in a lovely resort in Coronado, and my balcony overlooked lush gardens and San Diego Bay. I loved how every cab driver was just completely nice. One was confident that I would “go home, visit again Sahndiahgo, decide not to leave.”

Home is awfully great, though, despite (because of?) the rain, subzero wind chills, snow squalls, and thundersnow. I walked into the house and fell into my fellow’s strong arms, enthusiastic cat twining around my shins. Heaven.

*Arbitrary comp day

3 Responses to “I am so smrt”

  1. lla says:

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    U R so smrt! And I’m v. interested in your first crocheting efforts: I keep trying it, and I’m just hopeless…

    Thundersnow? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Can’t decide if it’s the coolest thing ever, or if it would scare the tuna salad out of me….

    Sorry you had such an abrupt weather transition upon your return home. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard SD doesn’t play fair in the “our weather is nicer than yours” game…

  2. Terri says:

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    I heard the thundersnow, too! That was wild. It was SO windy last night. I woke up in the middle of the night and looked out on the street (always with the strange metallic glow at night under the streetlights) and everything was blowing all over the place. Today is trash day here, so the streets were full of recycling bins and garbage can lids.

    That’s cool that you’re learning to crochet. I really should.

  3. Flasshe says:

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    Thundersnow? That’s ridiculous. Who ever heard of such a thing?

    Oh wait, I momentarily forgot the Thundersnow storm we had here in Colorado earlier this month.

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