Somewhat kiboshed

Hello from stormy D.C., where we have been visiting the Villain’s family and catching up with friends. Our plans today have been at least partially scotched by an unexpected ice storm that would make driving to rural, hilly Maryland treacherous at best, so I am right now somewhat decadently lying in a fancy hotel bed sipping coffee while the wind whips outside.

The road trip down was surprisingly easy — just over 8 hours from Boston.  We had delicious wine and tapas (including my first sublime taste of jamón ibérico) at Jaleo, one of my favorite restaurants here.

Wednesday, we met one of the Villain’s friends for lunch at Café des Artistes, then took in a few exhibits at the Corcoran. My favorite was “Looking for the ‘There There”: California Art from the Collection, 1950–2000.” It included a couple of very nice pieces by Richard Diebenkorn and Ed Ruscha. We had drinks and dinner and more drinks with former Villainous housemates Dan and Dorothy. Every time we see them, I’m reminded of how much I miss them and how tolerant they were of my weekend visits.

The wine and Pernod caught up with me on the walk back to the hotel when my traitorous ankle twisted and I took a tumble in a crosswalk.  I didn’t realize the extent of the damage until we got back and realized that my left knee had bled through my tights and down my boot. My beau bought most of the first aid aisle at CVS before I woke up the next day. I am lucky, if uncoordinated.

Yesterday we visited Mama and Papa Villain. Spending time with them resembles a graduate-level seminar more than a family visit. I learned quite a bit about the work and personality of physicist Richard Feynman, the British monarchy, the physical properties of the Space Shuttle Challenger’s O-rings, methods for restoring overwritten data on magnetic tapes, Jane Austen, London under Roman rule, and the Romans’ strategy for preventing colonial unrest, among other topics. I was shaken from a glazed daze during a lively debate on the nature of genius by a direct question as to which subjects I was passionate about. I’m afraid my mumbly answer added little to the conversation. A few hours later, we had dinner with the Villain’s sister, brother in-law, and nephews before heading back to D.C.

I’m not sure what we’ll do with today now that we won’t be driving to Maryland. We might see There Will Be Blood before meeting more friends for dinner and an art gallery opening. Or I may stay in bed and listen to music all day.

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  1. lla says:

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    Might not be working out to be exactly the trip you envisioned, but it sounds like a most excellent trip nonetheless… (except for the falling part. That sounded not as fun…)

  2. Heather says:

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    I STRONGLY recommend ‘There Will Be Blood’–it is stupendous! Gee, I should’ve sent my husband to that dinner as Feynman is one of his favorite topics…

  3. Terri says:

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    Sounds like solid proof, anyway, that Mr. Villain’s brains are not a fluke.

    Did you end up seeing There Will Be Blood? It was on our “maybe-to-do” list this weekend, but with the weekend hours waning it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

    Hope the ankle-knee-etc. situation is all healed up!

  4. Flasshe says:

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    Sorry about the ankle, trixie! I hope the rest of the trip is going well.

    Unrelated to this post, I wanted to let you know that the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (Will Ferrell cover) uses the word “editrix” in the review of “Dirt” on page 57.

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