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Published on 22 April 2008

In more ways than one! Hickory Dickory Dot, with a bonus toy mouse for Claire Grace. It took 3 weeks to make, although most of it was completed in two knitting-intensive weekends.
Edited to add: The pattern comes from the redoubtable Anny Purls.

The outmoded design of everyday things

Published on 17 April 2008

Today’s article in the New York Times’ Style section on how toothbrush design has changed in a way that toothbrush holders can’t accommodate nearly made me pump my fist in the air while I was eating breakfast. Every time I buy new toothbrushes, I spend frustrated minutes trying to find a brand that hasn’t blimped […]

Amusing search strings of late

Published on 4 April 2008

why buck and mccarver suck
definition of n bitch as a humanbeing

Some things

Published on 1 April 2008

Work. There’s a lot of it.
I’ve made a few batches of fresh ricotta cheese. I can’t quite describe how amazing it is to make cheese at home, let alone how delicious it is.
Friends have fed us better than we deserve these past two weekends: roasted lamb and asparagus; pan-grilled tempeh and sublime sweet potatoes; vegetable […]