It’s been an eventful, stressful, hopeful few months. And I don’t want to tempt the Fates by assuming anything. But a dream I’ve had for a good 10 years has gotten a lot closer to materializing. And for that — and for whom I’m so fortunate to have by my side throughout all of this — I am abundantly (fully) thankful.

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  1. Terri says:

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    Ooo it all sounds terribly exciting and lovely. We are pulling for you! (But you knew that.)

  2. Paula says:

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    But a dream I’ve had for a good 10 years

    Is it the dream where you have a French exam but you never actually went to class all semester?? I hope not.

  3. Editrix says:

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    Paula, how did you know???

  4. Janet says:

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    What a bewilderingly happy-making entry, Trixie! I hope it hints at the happiest of upcoming news… whatever that might be.

  5. Flasshe says:

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    I think I know the news, due to a phone conversation I had with the villain not too long ago. If it’s what I think it is, congrats! And even if it’s not what I think it is, congrats!

  6. 2fs says:

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    Is it a pony? Please say it’s a pony! If it’s a pony, can we come out and ride it, please? Pretty please? Pretty please with baba ghannouj on top?

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