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Overheard, weekend edition

Published on 6 January 2008

Walking along Elm Street, while police sirens approached, a mailman was unloading a dark green box: “Sounds like all hell is breaking loose.”
Pause, then as the Transit Police car passed us: “Hey, I PAID my taxes!”
* * *
At the ATM in the Porter Square Cambridge Bank branch vestibule, a woman answered her cell phone: “Hi, […]

Porter Square Books incident in local press

Published on 16 February 2006

I suppose five days later is better than nothing. The article gives a bit more detail about the cause of the crash.
Four injured on coffee break
Cambridge Chronicle, February 16, 2005

Porter Square Books aftermath

Published on 13 February 2006

I’ve been hoping to see some local-media coverage of this incident, but so far I haven’t turned up anything beyond blog posts and a few Flickr photos. I have to say, I’m grateful to those commenters who were either eyewitnesses or close to someone who was for sharing their stories.
The whole thing is distressing for […]

Crash update

Published on 11 February 2006

The good folks at Porter Square Books have posted an update on their website.


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There’s a strange mood in the air today. A blizzard is on its way, and even though the sky has been bright and blue since morning, people are out in droves buying groceries and snow shovels, stocking up on DVDs, and speculating about how much snow we’ll actually get. I admit that my mood’s been […]