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Cultcha, kulcha

Published on 8 August 2005

Korma chameleon and then some.

Damn it feels good to be a Teamster

Published on 26 May 2005

OK, they aren’t Teamsters; they’re pipefitters. I just wanted to use that line. I don’t know how their protest against MASCO is faring, but I admire their persistence through this past week of Nor’Easters. That rat may want to put some cortisone on its belly, though.

Subsidized cocktails

Published on 4 May 2005

Yesterday D and I got an email from Teresa (slugged “let’s do it!!”) encouraging us to form a Reader Review team. It’s tempting, though I suppose we can’t apply for the barbecue-reviewing gig with a pescatarian in our midst.

Civilization and its mall contents

Published on 5 April 2005

I had offered to look for some Linux books for D, who spent his weekend yelling at his computer, but the TGITargetDepotMaxNavyRUs mall in Everett where Teresa and I bought baby gifts Saturday had everything but a bookstore. At Office Max, Teresa took action and asked a passing employee if they sold computer books. “Like […]

And we’re back

Published on

It’s been a rough few days, Fallacy-wise. You’d think I’d have a backlog of posts to publish now that the old girl seems to be stabilizing. Funny, that. I blame Daylight Saving Time, which just will not stop kicking my ass. I used to be all, “Oh, I can’t cope because I grew up in […]