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Amusing search strings of late

Published on 4 April 2008

why buck and mccarver suck
definition of n bitch as a humanbeing


Published on 24 August 2006

Who says Hoosiers aren’t cutting-edge?
Dentist Puts Gold Teeth on Pet Cat

Today’s sole amusement

Published on 20 April 2006

David Bowie is very disappointed in you.

Hei Hei

Published on 10 February 2006

This Helsinki street fashion site is curiously compelling, and not just because I want to make out with some of the fine citizens of Finland.

NSFW, unless you’re self-employed

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Courtesy of McSweeney’s:
The Elements of Spam
And yes, I am aware of what a jumbo-economy-size-from-Costco-brand geek I am, thanks for asking.