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Unbridled pleasure

Published on 29 October 2007

My beloved Red Sox defying pundits, mile-high altitude and air, the humidor, and conventional wisdom to sweep their way into the World Series. Granted, I’d have really loved to have three more games to savor before the long dark void until April. But I just adore Lowell and Papelbon and Ellsbury and Pedroia and Beckett […]

The pen is mightier &c.

Published on 25 October 2007

So irritated was I last week to learn of the latest MBTA boondoggle, T-Radio (an inescapable, execrable subway-platform broadcast of bad music and “lite news” being tested at a few stations), I exercised my right to “Write to the Top” and submitted a pissy comment on the T’s website.
Today I got the following email:
From: […]

Buck and McCarver can suck it

Published on 21 October 2007

Way to go Sox!
That, and I’m endlessly impressed by Terry Francona.
Bring on the champagne, and bring on the Rockies!

Missed opportunities

Published on 17 July 2007

For the past few days, I’ve considered throwing my camera into my satchel on my way out of the house. And each day, I’ve left it on the coffee table, thinking, Eh, what are the odds that I’ll see something photo-worthy?
Today i wished I had it to take a snapshot of the parking meter showing […]

I can’t help being a Red Sox fan

Published on 1 July 2007

Even though the Sox blew a four-run lead and lost to the Rangers 5-4, it was an excellent evening at Fenway even before the game began. We sipped crisp and chilly Stellas while watching the groundskeepers tidy up and the players warm up. As part of Disability Awareness Night, a capuchin helper monkey threw out […]