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Published on 18 June 2007

It’s been a busy weekend. We had Terri and Ezra over for dinner and Showgirls Friday evening, which they may never forgive us for. We celebrated Teresa’s birthday Saturday at a sumptuous fiesta thrown by Donna, and we met some really bright and lovely people. I sipped an ingenious new drink, the Stormito: a Dark […]


Published on 18 July 2006

Hey there, pallies and gallies, have you heard Mr. Pernice’s latest? The song and video from Joe’s forthcoming record are available for free (though they do ask you to sign up for the infrequent and highly entertaining newsletter, which is easily unsubbable-from).

Grocery night in Somerville

Published on 14 April 2006

Some guys who just walked up our street:
“You use that self-checkout thing?”
“Man, that’s the weakest thing EVER!”
“Yeah, speaker’s all BLOWN an’ shit?”

Cultcha, kulcha

Published on 8 August 2005

Korma chameleon and then some.

It’s a wonder I ever cross the Charles

Published on 28 July 2005

Bad day on the Red Line — and not just because of this morning’s mysterious delay. South Station was evacuated this afternoon after someone noticed a ticking sound coming from a bag.
What’s more, tonight, after the Tracy Bonham and Aimee Mann outdoor show in Copley Square and a yummy dinner with Terri, Ezra, and their […]