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Published on 26 May 2009

Rest well, Miss Cookie. You were an amazing dog who brought my mother comfort and companionship during some difficult years. I will miss you so much, and I hope you have already forgotten what pain feels like.

Somewhat kiboshed

Published on 22 February 2008

Hello from stormy D.C., where we have been visiting the Villain’s family and catching up with friends. Our plans today have been at least partially scotched by an unexpected ice storm that would make driving to rural, hilly Maryland treacherous at best, so I am right now somewhat decadently lying in a fancy hotel bed […]

One year ago

Published on 23 October 2007

I got a phone call at work, around 4:30 in the afternoon. My mom. I put her on hold so I could go to a conference room and talk in private. My dad was in the hospital in Ft. Wayne, in critical condition. My mom’s voice was strangely flat, exhausted-sounding. It was serious. I promised […]

Pretty good day

Published on 14 July 2007

Such a ridiculously laid-back Saturday, and necessary after a fairly grueling week. (But also great! I love I love I love my new boss! Knock wood, so far, etc.)
I woke at 9:30 (just before the wood-chipper next door began devouring pieces of tree), ate some strawberry preserves on toast and didn’t hive out, read […]


Published on 18 June 2007

It’s been a busy weekend. We had Terri and Ezra over for dinner and Showgirls Friday evening, which they may never forgive us for. We celebrated Teresa’s birthday Saturday at a sumptuous fiesta thrown by Donna, and we met some really bright and lovely people. I sipped an ingenious new drink, the Stormito: a Dark […]