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Offspring’s eternal

Published on 6 June 2006

I’m a little late commenting on the recent Washington Post article on new recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control that all women who are capable of conceiving, regardless of intent to bear children, should consider themselves — and be considered by their healthcare providers — as “pre-pregnant.”
Think about it: girls who have […]

Tell me this is a joke

Published on 18 April 2006

I mean seriously, for real?

Museum event turns ugly

Published on 1 March 2006

While I’m always happy for something sponsored by Clear Channel to fail, the recent debacle at the Milwaukee Art Museum just makes me sad.
People threw up, passed out, were injured, got into altercations and climbed onto sculptures at Martinifest, a semi-formal event organized by Clear Channel Radio and held at the museum Feb. 11, according […]

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Published on 1 December 2005

After feeling wound up tighter than a gnat’s eyelash for the past couple of weeks, I finally buckled and bought a pregnancy test at CVS after work tonight. Now I just need to wait until my bladder is full enough for the damn thing to work. It might be, but it’s kind of difficult to […]

Tired eyes slowly burning

Published on 3 November 2005

Work, it has not been contributing to my well-being of late. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.
And last night’s lame-ass excuse for an “America’s Next Top Model” episode? Sludges my carburetor, that’s for sure. I haven’t been watching for seven weeks only to be served a revisionist clip show, for crime’s egg.
Proof […]