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I might have to buy him a suit of armor

Published on 20 October 2005

Yesterday I started to wonder if working outside the house might not be such a great thing for The Villainous One. First, he some trollop hit on him while he was waiting for the bus — despite his having dropped the word “girlfriend” into the conversation early on, she still tried to give him her […]

I’m an ass

Published on 30 August 2005

I don’t know why I post such stupid, frivolous stuff when I’m this upset. (See previous two entries.) Oh, some bottles of wine might be destroyed, boohoo. It’s too difficult to think about what the people in the Superdome are enduring, not to mention the thousands upon thousands of others either stuck on rooftops, wandering […]

Down the tubes

Published on

Two of the three giant escalators at the T station near our house have been out of order for the past couple of weeks, so commuters in the morning have been taking the 117 stairs down to the platform. (Few people take the urine-fumed, pokey elevator.) This morning, a middle-aged woman behind me exclaimed, somewhat […]

This girl is exhausted

Published on 17 August 2005

I should preface this by saying how very much I love my friends and am overjoyed by their happiness and various newish life circumstances: a new house, an impending marriage, a small and wriggly baby. I really am. And I want to be the kind of person who can isolate whatever personal angst is bugging […]

Razza, and oh yes, a side order of frazza

Published on 14 August 2005

Good morning. It is 6:57 a.m. on a Sunday and I have been awake for an hour and a half. And no, it is not because I need to get gussied up for church, nor have I been baking a flotilla of muffins for when my honey wakes up. Last night I tried popping a […]