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Sunny fall weekends are no fun

Published on 10 September 2006

. . . when they’re spent indoors, studying diligently. My usability analyst certification exam is Thursday, and I’m spending this gorgeous weekend bent over binders, glossaries, study guides, and reference sheets. If I keep at it all day today and the next few evenings, I should be able to review the material from two weeks […]

Summer’s bounty

Published on 9 August 2005

Our organic produce delivery last Friday included sweet corn, green beans, kohlrabi, carrots, and broccoli — none of which I feel like preparing for actual consumption, as that would involve spending time in the suffocating kitchen. Also: peep my first home-grown tomato!
What I’m really craving are (non-banana-based) smoothies. I wonder if I could get […]

Auf Wiedersehen

Published on 11 July 2005

Fallaciousness will be on hiatus for a week while D and I make a long-overdue trip to the nation’s heartland to visit my parents, followed by a few days in Milwaukee with a good 60% of my core readership.
Meantime, enjoy my darlin’s posts, which should appear fairly regularly while we’re away.
And pray for rain […]