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Published on 20 May 2007

Tooling around Nashville, I spied a truck with a Tennessee vanity plate reading “W3C.” I wondered if I could get the Massachusetts version when I got home, in case I ever own a car again.

The Gapminder

Published on 17 April 2007

My state senator included a link to The Gapminder World 2006, a very cool Google tool, in her monthly newsletter. The default gap is life expectancy and income, but you can also view data on carbon dioxide emissions, population, fertility rates, and more. I especially like how you can click a country’s circle before playing […]

God am I the biggest nerd ever yes

Published on 27 February 2007

Just when I thought that the Quail Bible couldn’t be topped, they came up with a couple of flowcharts for my life (all nasty with that oil on top — but trans fat free!), which make me just so happy.
Other things that make me happy: my mom adopted a rat terrier through a local rescue […]

Jargon, take me away!

Published on 14 September 2006

My CUA exam is over, and I passed! After trying to cram 50 pounds of information into my knowledge-hole for the past couple of weeks, I am immensely relieved to be DONE. I can finally read something that doesn’t come in a three-ring binder. I may even knit again.
The timed two-and-a-half-hour test is given online, […]


Published on 15 March 2006

I found this homemade Pokémon card on our street this weekend, near the Kennedy School. This may be one of my favorite finds yet. It’s not uncommon to see discarded homework along our street, but I don’t pick it up unless it looks like it might be a juicy note passed in class or something.
Ezra […]