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It’s fun needing an umbrella to use the bathroom

Published on 14 October 2006

After a fairly stressful and long day at work, there’s nothing quite so demoralizing than stepping on a sodden bathmat — the return of the leaky bathroom ceiling (making a third appearance!). Happy Friday the fucking 13th! I deployed a bucket under the drip and waited for S’villain to get home from work, but before […]

Oh, happy Christmas and bright Hanukkah!

Published on 25 December 2005

I hope that you’re having a wonderful day, full of your favorite people and foods, surprise gifts, great music, and maybe a cat with a bow stuck to its head. Me, I get to listen to Mr. Pathetic singing “You’re All I Want for Christmas” on one of Steve’s festive mixtapes from a few years […]

As if I needed more proof of how great he is

Published on 13 December 2005

So OK, things are a little stressful, both because of work and my inability to think about Christmas before December. But not so bad, really — as long as I can keep multiple, updated lists in my head at all times, I’ll be fine.
Anyway, it’s Monday night. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. this morning […]

Saturday, first snow

Published on 31 October 2005

Things I did yesterday:

Drank delicious organic, shade-grown coffee, which I bought in my local subway station. The guy who sold it to me the other day held the bag to my nose and said, “Smell this! Isn’t it great? You’re gonna love this coffee.” He was right.
Took some photos of the pretty snow that fell […]

Watery, domestic

Published on 1 September 2005

That giant sucking sound? Music to my ears. The plumber came today and not only fixed our upstairs neighbors’ tub leak, he cleared the tub drain of (my) razorblades, many of which had lodged in there in the past two years to the point where it was taking 40 minutes to drain after my shower. […]