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Published on 22 April 2008

In more ways than one! Hickory Dickory Dot, with a bonus toy mouse for Claire Grace. It took 3 weeks to make, although most of it was completed in two knitting-intensive weekends.
Edited to add: The pattern comes from the redoubtable Anny Purls.

Some things

Published on 1 April 2008

Work. There’s a lot of it.
I’ve made a few batches of fresh ricotta cheese. I can’t quite describe how amazing it is to make cheese at home, let alone how delicious it is.
Friends have fed us better than we deserve these past two weekends: roasted lamb and asparagus; pan-grilled tempeh and sublime sweet potatoes; vegetable […]

Complete protein

Published on 27 January 2008

The cold, snowy weather and my general laziness have kept me from accomplishing too much this weekend, but we’ve managed to eat well. I satisfied multiple cravings last night in one meal: roasted salmon with yogurt-dill sauce; quinoa salad with corn, tomatoes, feta, and mint; and oven-roasted Brussels sprouts. So freaking good, I didn’t even […]

New things

Published on 6 August 2007

On Terri’s suggestion, I signed up for a Longstitch Journal bookbinding class in October. I’d also really wanted to take the Two-Needle Coptic Variation, because the heft and style of the finished product looks so beautiful and because Terri has taken a class with the instructor and says she’s really great. (Not to mention that […]

Saartje’s bootee

Published on 14 July 2007

My first FO in ages, a bootie for Sam and Grace’s new baby girl, finally came off the needles today. This was something like my fifth attempt at the simple pattern (Free PDF here), as I kept miscounting or dropping stitches halfway in.
Spending some time on the beta site Ravelry has inspired me to get […]