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People and websites I tend to conflate

Published on 3 December 2007

Seth Godin and Scott Berkun.
Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett.
Paul Westerberg and Paul Weller
Anu Garg and Anil Dash.
Graham Nash, Gram Parsons, and Grant Hart.
43 folders and 37signals (I blame the prime numbers)


Published on 11 September 2007

Our ferry somehow made its way through the opaque fog and pulled up alongside the World Trade Center just before noon. I’m simultaneously happy and disappointed to be home. In hindsight, I’d have tried to persuade the Villain that we really should stay at least a week if we were to have a real vacation. […]

New things

Published on 6 August 2007

On Terri’s suggestion, I signed up for a Longstitch Journal bookbinding class in October. I’d also really wanted to take the Two-Needle Coptic Variation, because the heft and style of the finished product looks so beautiful and because Terri has taken a class with the instructor and says she’s really great. (Not to mention that […]

Pretty good day

Published on 14 July 2007

Such a ridiculously laid-back Saturday, and necessary after a fairly grueling week. (But also great! I love I love I love my new boss! Knock wood, so far, etc.)
I woke at 9:30 (just before the wood-chipper next door began devouring pieces of tree), ate some strawberry preserves on toast and didn’t hive out, read […]

A half-dozen anomalies

Published on 25 January 2007

I’ve slackassed Terri’s meme up until now, so by now everyone I know has already been tagged. But here’s my quote-unquote contribution. I hope it’s not cheating that two of them are NPR-related.

Whenever I hear business correspondent Jack Speer’s name mentioned, I automatically think, “Jack Speer, kick in the rear.”
And every time I […]