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Things I sometimes imagine against my will

Published on 2 November 2009

Ceiling tiles falling on my taxi while driving through any of the Big Dig tunnels.
Water flooding in when in any of the Big Dig harbor tunnels.
Someone hip-checking me off the subway platform into the path of an oncoming train. (Or even just onto the third rail.)
My hand slipping when I’m shaving my underarms and the […]

Memorial Night

Published on 28 May 2007

May has been difficult. I had food poisoning on my birthday. The 13th was my parents’ anniversary. The 22nd was my father’s birthday. And Memorial Day weekend will forever be conjoined with the Indy 500 and my dad’s love for the race he grew up watching. More than once, as a kid, I was put […]


Published on 30 August 2005

Like many, I can’t stop thinking about the destruction left by Hurricane Katrina these past several days, and in particular, that to my beloved New Orleans. I know it could have been worse — the deaths and wreckage in Mississippi are proof — but the Crescent City holds a special place in my heart for […]

I wish it were TIAA-CREF

Published on 17 August 2005

It’s been a strange several days of sleeplessness, stress, and finally, stasis. Sunday, I finally phoned and confronted my mom about her health problems. She downplayed the severity of the transient ischemic attack (TIA) my brother told me had occured about two weeks ago, but described a loss of vision in her right eye for […]

Midwestern vacation, part 1

Published on 20 July 2005

Our first vacation in a year started out pleasantly enough: easy flight to M’waukee; smooth drive to Indiana, with barely any slowdown around Chicago; and a surprisingly good dinner in Valparaiso. (After little food all day, I was hungry for something fast and cheap and bad for me, but D. wanted to try a locally […]