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Published on 17 January 2006

Inspired by Terri and sick of purple, I spent a hefty chunk of time this weekend giving the old website some spit and polish, including an upgrade to WordPress 2.0. (So far? LOVE IT. Some nice enhancements to the admin areas.) Actually, I’m hoping that people subscribing to the feed haven’t noticed any change; let […]

I think I broke the Internets

Published on 3 January 2006

Well okay, not the Internets, but whatever sliver of them that brings me my email. Now poor Doug is using his fabulous Roto-Rooter powers to dislodge the nasty clog that seems to be causing the problem. And he is being so nice about it, even though he needs to eat some quick dinner before he […]

Fairly warned be thee, says I

Published on 21 October 2005

Just so y’all know: if you mention poker, or Merrill’s shoes, or ringtones, or any permutation of the word “holdem,” your comment will never ever see the light of day.
The Villainous One and I will figure out a more elegant antispam solution at some point, when he doesn’t have work flooding into his brainpan so […]

I do not like you, Spam I Am

Published on 18 October 2005

The comment spam that’s been besieging me for the past month or two has significantly increased in the past few days, and by “significantly increased” I mean “begun to drive me batshit crazy, with the ringtones and the casinos and the home loans oh glavin.”
I’m wondering how other WordPress users deal with the issue beyond […]

Random House

Published on 24 September 2005

I’ve updated my comments whitelist for a few of you newer commenters. It only works is you provide an email address and a URL that I’ve whitelisted, however. Upshot? Feel free to comment without providing a URL — just know that your comment will be placed in the moderation queue and may take awhile to […]