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Commercial are little funerals

Published on 3 February 2008

Biked today? YesTime: 64:05Distance: 16.5 milesNotes: First time in a week, thanks to working late and being a general slackity ass.Music: As follows:
1. Calla - “Malo”
2. The National - “Slow Show”
3. The Capstan Shafts - “Oil Over Greenland”
4. The Shins - “Red […]

Duran Duran

Published on 27 January 2008

Biked today? YesTime: 62:03Distance: 16 milesMusic: As follows:
1. Elliott Smith - “See You Later”
2. Patton Oswalt - “Great Food Is Cooked by Psychos”
3. sprites - “George Romero”
4. The Eames Era - “Benjamin”
5. The Moldy Peaches - “D.2.Boyfriend”
6. […]

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’

Published on 26 January 2008

Biked today? YesTime: 61:15Distance: 16 milesMusic: On shuffle, something I don’t do very often because I’m a control freak. Today’s mix was fairly mellow but had a couple of good uptempo songs to keep me going.

Elliot Smith - “Either/Or”
Patton Oswalt - “A Brief History of Standup”
Elliott Smith - “Whatever (Folk Song in C)”
Winterpills - “hide […]


Published on 20 December 2007

If I were to start a punk band that only played Christmas songs, I’d call it Iggy and the Scrooges.

The thing about Calla

Published on 17 October 2007

It’s not just how perfectly their songs fit a uncertain, shadowy October night.
And I don’t think it’s completely about their sense of melody, though it does tend to favor the minor keys and gorgeous changes, wending in and around terrain that surprises and satisfies my very simple lizard brain.
Plus Aurelio Valle’s vocals, man. Like […]