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The Art Beast in me

Published on 23 July 2007

Saturday we met up with Terri and Ezra for this year’s beastly-themed Art Beat, the annual Somerville Arts Council extravaganza in Davis Square. It was a gorgeous day to sit in the park, eat Indian food, and listen to Hallelujah the Hills while working on my true Continental knitting style. We ran into Amy C., […]


Published on 11 March 2007

Oh hello Internets I did not see you there. What is the happenstance? How is it that you are doing? OK, I will stop speaking like a poorly translated phrasebook.
I don’t know why I’ve been so blasé about writing lately. I am still fairly freaked out on a daily basis when I am at my […]

Sunny fall weekends are no fun

Published on 10 September 2006

. . . when they’re spent indoors, studying diligently. My usability analyst certification exam is Thursday, and I’m spending this gorgeous weekend bent over binders, glossaries, study guides, and reference sheets. If I keep at it all day today and the next few evenings, I should be able to review the material from two weeks […]


Published on 18 July 2006

Hey there, pallies and gallies, have you heard Mr. Pernice’s latest? The song and video from Joe’s forthcoming record are available for free (though they do ask you to sign up for the infrequent and highly entertaining newsletter, which is easily unsubbable-from).

Last day that I’m young

Published on 1 May 2006

(If by “young,” you mean the outer reaches of one’s mid-30s)
I haven’t written in far too long, though not for lack of things to say. My father’s had a rough patch healthwise lately, and it hasn’t been easy for my mom taking care of him. My brother’s father-in-law died fairly suddenly last weekend. And the […]