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Thoughts on rereading Infinite Jest

Published on 5 November 2009

Or, wow, how did I miss so much the first time?
The bigger themes of choice vs. fascism, the paradox of infinite choice, the cycles of pleasure/satisfaction and pain/craving, the whole Marat-Sade angle, Hal as Hamlet paralyzed by indecision, the glorious hilarity of the Eschaton section, the incredibly satisfying Gaudeamus Igitur (i.e., Mario’s ONANtiad section), the […]

Bad transit

Published on 4 November 2009

A new report on the MBTA finds that three-fifths of my commute is made of fearsome limb-rending deathtrack.
One example of an unfunded project that received the maximum safety score of “10” is the floating slabs and tunnel leak repair project between Alewife and Harvard stations on the Red Line.
This $80M project involves the complete removal […]

This is rather nice

Published on 3 November 2009

Has everyone already seen this?

Things I sometimes imagine against my will

Published on 2 November 2009

Ceiling tiles falling on my taxi while driving through any of the Big Dig tunnels.
Water flooding in when in any of the Big Dig harbor tunnels.
Someone hip-checking me off the subway platform into the path of an oncoming train. (Or even just onto the third rail.)
My hand slipping when I’m shaving my underarms and the […]

The house always wins

Published on 1 November 2009

Hey man, what it is.
This morning we saw the documentary Amercian Casino, the fifth selection of this round of the Brattle Theatre’s Sunday Eye-Opener. (I’ve really enjoyed heading out each Sunday morning to watch a film I know nothing about. The pastries, often homemade, are also a treat.) It attempts to illustrate the causes […]