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This is why I don’t post more often

Published on 11 March 2005

Because the longish entry I was about to share with the Internets is gone forever, and all because I (stupidly) checked one of my email accounts while the Journalspace content-entry tab was open. Fuck. I think I need to go home now.
Perhaps when I get home, D will be wailing and gnashing his teeth over […]

Lack of gruntlement, corporate style

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Look! Posting!
This week a coworker tipped me off to a slightly unsettling graffito in one of the chick restrooms. It’s faded now, as if someone did their best to scrub it off, but you can still see the words “DIE PIG” in blue marker.
Unlike the Nursing Room Incident, which named names, yo (even if it […]

They are fat and damn proud

Published on 7 March 2005

Sign outside Porter Square Station, Cambridge, Mass.

Overdrawn at the karma bank

Published on 3 March 2005

Good fortune continues:

Last week, I realized I’d lost one of my gloves, but a couple of days later, when D. met Tomoko and Kevin and me for dinner at Johnny D’s, he returned it to me — he’d found it on a bush along our street.

Yesterday, someone in the subway station chased me down with […]

I must make this quick, because just down the street, there’s a gimlet with my name on it

Published on 2 March 2005

Rabbit rabbit, y’all! And good gracious, but it’s been a busy time. So much so that my tendencies to create to-do lists has fallen by the wayside, and that’s not right.
But it’s been good, too, as I begin my semi-annual self-improvement smackdown and try to control at least some aspects of my life. (New shoes […]