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Subway reading

Published on 25 February 2005

I’ve been loooooaving Vestal McIntyre’s You Are Not the One on the train this week: the story “Octo,” about a 13-year-old with behavioral problems and his pet octopus nearly had me bawling Wednesday evening, and “Dunford,” in which a man’s midlife crisis peaks in a carwash, made me snort out loud last night. I’m doing […]

Blee blah bloo

Published on 23 February 2005

I reek so mightily lately with regard to the whole updating thing. Mostly because the short time I spent seated at the computer during the long weekend was spent trying to make the photos I took at the Ida show look somewhat less suckful. And then I got tired and cranky and slinked off to […]


Published on 17 February 2005

The anniversary present I ordered for D a week ago finally arrived today, so I no longer have to suppress the urge to blab that I got him the microphone he’s been pining for. It was especially tough keeping mum during our anniversary dinner, when, over a nice bottle of David Bruce pinot noir, he […]

Making life tolerable:

Published on 15 February 2005

Charlotte Hatherley’s single “Kim Wilde,” which I’ve been kind of obsessed with since I first heard it a couple of weeks ago and wondered how someone could possibly cram so many hooks into a pop song. D. bought her (import-only, alas) album Grey Will Fade last weekend, and on first listen, it’s good — but […]

Hey, what you wish for? All I’m saying is, be careful.

Published on 10 February 2005

This week I got the promotion I’ve been wanting for quite some time. New boss, more responsibility, and even a little surprise raise (woo). And — having only made a series of lateral moves to positions I wasn’t crazy about but took because, hey, people were getting laid off so there was more to do, […]