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It’s a hell of a town

Published on 26 September 2005

In less than an hour, I have to leave for my Big Business Trip to New York, the one I’ve been dreading to the point of nausea. Apologies to those who love the city, but I honestly don’t — all my experiences there have been bad, or at best sorta-OK but ultimately headache-inducing and exhausting. […]

Steel mills, cats, and people sitting around talking

Published on 30 July 2005

I finally uploaded a bunch of photos from our trip to the Midwest on Flickr. Going through them all, I can’t help but wish I’d taken more of my parents (even though my father didn’t really want me to take any of him), of my six-year-old second cousin Lucy, of daylight scenes, and of Milwaukee […]

Gee but it’s great to be back home

Published on 30 July 2004

As I indicated yesterday, we had a teriffic time in Maine. Any doubts about the fun-ness of hanging out in the boonies with 13 other adults and 2 children for 5 days dissipated by the time we decided which room to take (we went with the North Lodge, as did Kevin and Tomoko, which allowed […]

If you’re a burglar, please don’t read this

Published on 23 July 2004

Pathetic Fallacy will be taking a much-needed break for a few days, as D. and I leave for America’s Vacationland (Maine) at Sunset Lodge with the Providence crowd (plus fellow Somervillians Ted and Teresa).
Most of this same crowd takes at least one group vacation a year, alternating Vermont locales, the Poconos, and Maine. I’ve […]

Fais do-do

Published on 7 June 2004

There’s not much that sucks more than returning to work after 10 days of vacation. The moraine of emails to sift through, respond to, and feel guilty about. Repeating over and over how my trip was when nice people ask. Meetings, oh God, the meetings. Not being able to have a frosty Abita at lunch. […]