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Overheard on Halloween

Published on 3 November 2007

Down the sidewalk:
“Trick or treat!
Smell my feet!
Give me something good to eat!
If you don’t . . .
I’ll throw out your undawayh!”

The Art Beast in me

Published on 23 July 2007

Saturday we met up with Terri and Ezra for this year’s beastly-themed Art Beat, the annual Somerville Arts Council extravaganza in Davis Square. It was a gorgeous day to sit in the park, eat Indian food, and listen to Hallelujah the Hills while working on my true Continental knitting style. We ran into Amy C., […]

Return of the Urb (sort of)

Published on 12 February 2007

I was glad to see on Chowhound that even though the Urban Gourmet in Ball Square still shows no sign of reopening (or even repair) since the fire in October, the owner has started a new venture on Somerville Ave.: City Slicker Cafe (menu).