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Unbridled pleasure

Published on 29 October 2007

My beloved Red Sox defying pundits, mile-high altitude and air, the humidor, and conventional wisdom to sweep their way into the World Series. Granted, I’d have really loved to have three more games to savor before the long dark void until April. But I just adore Lowell and Papelbon and Ellsbury and Pedroia and Beckett […]

Pretty good day

Published on 14 July 2007

Such a ridiculously laid-back Saturday, and necessary after a fairly grueling week. (But also great! I love I love I love my new boss! Knock wood, so far, etc.)
I woke at 9:30 (just before the wood-chipper next door began devouring pieces of tree), ate some strawberry preserves on toast and didn’t hive out, read […]


Published on 9 July 2006

Happy birthday, happy year to my best friend, the most swoonworthy Villain! I’m sorry you have to spend a chunk of your day prepping for a job interview tomorrow morning and I must pack up to leave for a week, but I’m glad to share whatever time’s leftover celebrating your lanky presence on this planet. […]

I do not side with T-Rex on this one

Published on 25 April 2006

I’ve tried various tactics over the years to help educate my sweetie on the topic of Flowers, the Niceness of Receiving. They include:

“Forgetting” to recycle those little postcard ads from Kabloom for a few days, leaving them on the dining room table or in the office.
Mentioning when one of my friends or someone at work […]

Happy Meetiversary

Published on 13 February 2006

Four years ago today, I met my friend Doug face-to-face for the first time when he arrived at Logan Airport. We’d known each other for several years via a mailing list devoted to the bands of a woefully underappreciated songwriter, exchanging bursts of email now and then, occasionally flirting during the weekly IRC sessions for […]