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Album cover

Published on 26 January 2008

Image ©2007 Jim Skea
Make your own: instructions at Foma*.

The Gapminder

Published on 17 April 2007

My state senator included a link to The Gapminder World 2006, a very cool Google tool, in her monthly newsletter. The default gap is life expectancy and income, but you can also view data on carbon dioxide emissions, population, fertility rates, and more. I especially like how you can click a country’s circle before playing […]

Soooo good!

Published on 23 August 2006

New Teen Girl Squad, featuring Camp Firstbassawassa meets Coach Conrad’s Situp Camp for Shirtless Boys (starring Science Fiction Greg) and So and So’s summer job at the Shirt Folding Store.

I think I broke the Internets

Published on 3 January 2006

Well okay, not the Internets, but whatever sliver of them that brings me my email. Now poor Doug is using his fabulous Roto-Rooter powers to dislodge the nasty clog that seems to be causing the problem. And he is being so nice about it, even though he needs to eat some quick dinner before he […]

I link because I love

Published on 29 December 2005

Not for the faint of stomach, but here are some odd animal-vegetable mashups I stumbled upon.