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Somewhat kiboshed

Published on 22 February 2008

Hello from stormy D.C., where we have been visiting the Villain’s family and catching up with friends. Our plans today have been at least partially scotched by an unexpected ice storm that would make driving to rural, hilly Maryland treacherous at best, so I am right now somewhat decadently lying in a fancy hotel bed […]

Brokehead Mountain

Published on 31 December 2005

So yesterday I called Teresa to say merry Christmas, and she invited me to join her and Jessica for a gay cowboy matinee in Harvard Square. (Teresa’s husband had no interest: “Come on, I saw Midnight Cowboy, what do you want?”) No way could I pass up that offer, and I figured I could while […]


Published on 2 May 2005

It doesn’t seem quite right that I should be at work on my birthday, but here I am. Some sick sense of responsibility prevented me from asking my manager for the day off. At least I didn’t end up having to go to the big conference my company is hosting . . . in TEXAS. […]

Update schmupdate

Published on 10 June 2003

On this bright and lovely day — the first we’ve had in more than a week and one of the few in months — I was greeted by one of the homeless men in my neighborhood, who croaked, “Miss, do you have, do you like oral sex?” He was lurching into my personal space, but […]