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Fabulous start to the week

Published on 10 December 2007

On the way out of the house, I lost my footing on the ice-glazed front steps and fell hard on my back and right wrist. Ow.
In the space of one block near MIT, I saw a dead rat, blood leading from its little head, the wing from a pigeon, which looked as though it had […]

Thud thud THUD thud thud THUD thud thud THUD

Published on 26 March 2007

I think my upstairs neighbors just got a copy of Dance Dance Revolution.

I toe the line

Published on 27 February 2007

Tomorrow morning I’ll be undergoing a minor surgical procedure to (I hope) improve a situation that has kept me in pain for a good (by which I mean bad) five or eight months. I put off making the appointment to get it looked at (and by extension, treated) for much longer than is reasonable for […]

Nearly, almost

Published on 25 January 2007

The things going on right now are things I’m not able to share with the Internets in any detail.

Today I almost quit my job. And then I realized that a Starbucks salary probably wouldn’t be enough to make rent each month. (Plus, they’re evil.)
Last week, my closest (female) friend nearly bled to death.
My next vacation […]

Damn Yankee swap

Published on 14 December 2006

Our department holiday party/lunch is tomorrow, and I’m dreading it even more than usual. Not only is it tiresome to make chitchat with people you barely know (”So, what are your holiday plans?”), it’s being held at a churrascaria (and I’m not that big a fan of meat, let alone bacon-wrapped chicken hearts on swords). […]