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What gives?

Published on 14 December 2006

Wow, Internets, I’m actually typing and stuff. Like with words and everything. Hi how are you?
The usual work blahblahblah stresscakes and an overwhelming feeling of who gives a bibble? are the main reasons for the dearth of posts, and the whole holiday thing has me pretty down. I would give anything to be able to […]

It’s fun needing an umbrella to use the bathroom

Published on 14 October 2006

After a fairly stressful and long day at work, there’s nothing quite so demoralizing than stepping on a sodden bathmat — the return of the leaky bathroom ceiling (making a third appearance!). Happy Friday the fucking 13th! I deployed a bucket under the drip and waited for S’villain to get home from work, but before […]

Das ist doch ja unfair

Published on 8 September 2006

This summer, I started noticing that my mouth felt a little numb after eating fresh strawberries. It didn’t seem like a big deal; I thought maybe the acid in the fruit was the cause.
Yesterday, I broke out in hives on my neck and chest about an hour after enjoying an afternoon snack of lovely […]

My opia

Published on 26 August 2006

Since my optometrist appointment Thursday evening, I’ve been seized with doubt over the eyeglass frames I chose. This always, always happens — I never remember to bring along a trusted someone to help me evaluate various styles, instead relying on a grandmotherly receptionist named Ruth (who will say my favorite selections are “a little lawyerly,” […]

Where is my mind?

Published on 15 August 2006

I’m back after a thoroughly draining week and a half in DC, but things are still crazy. My dad ended up spending a week in the hospital. He’s still bleeding somewhere internally, and this week he fell and brought my mom down with him. The hits just keep on coming!
I’ve been talking or emailing […]